moving on..

May 13, 2007 at 6:54 am (Uncategorized)

okay. the reason i’ve not been updating cos i’ve moved to another blog. i’m using livejournal now. why i’m telling you now cos i’m really happy at the moment. cos i finally FINALLY managed to customized the layout and so it’s finally running. so click here aite! oh and update your links please.. thankiew.. so long wordpress.. take care!

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hello world!

May 5, 2007 at 4:49 am (Uncategorized)

dang. it’s beeen a veryyy long time yarh since my last update. i’m a very busy lady indeed. or rather, a lazy lady is more like it. hahas!

it’s May now. and bf just celebrated his 21st. and i was with him throughout the memorable date. *smiles* i bought him Topman wallet reccomended by my darling cuzzie (kudos yaya!) and a Zippo and a handphone pouch. ironically, i am against him smoking but wellll… a girl just got to chill when it’s regarding the man smoking. he is going to stop AFTER he ORD. i know he would hold on to that promise because he have to. if not, he won’t be able to be a good diver. and the handphone pouch is a neccesity cos if not, god knows where he’ll put his handphone.

i made him a happy man indeed on that night!


ouh. and i have an lj account now. might be transferring there soon. it seems easier there. check it out here.

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on a mode

April 18, 2007 at 12:05 pm (Uncategorized)

ok ladies and men.

i SO have to be on a hiatus mode at the moment. i’m plain packed with progress reports and portfolio updates. besides, i am to plan an excursion to explorerkidz @ downtown east. going recce that uber-cool port this friday. yay!

meanwhile, stay cool and funky!! (old-school salanga!!) :))))

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love maybe?

April 14, 2007 at 3:25 am (Uncategorized)

i read some of my bloggeratti’s blogs and most of them were talking about their better halves or rather sharing with the world about how beautiful love is. true, i believed with my online girls about how love always remains strong even though we might be at a losing battle with the partners. for me myself, i do have my fair share of love-hate relationship with the bf. at times, i do wished he would leave me alone. this feeling usually managed to creep up in me after we sparked off a quarrel or such. but usually, we would make up soon after. and that’s great. really.

i spent time with the bf yesterday. and we managed to talk about the huge tiff we had over the past days. although i know it won’t be the last time me and him gonna ever argue (tho i’m not hoping for it, mind you!), i do know all these small tiffs and arguments are what keeps us moving and going strong.

at times, the puzzles doesn’t seem fit nor right. but with a twist here, a twist there, it might be the perfect piece afterall. only patience and time can only bring you through.

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the effect of it all.

April 11, 2007 at 5:08 am (Uncategorized)

“What do you want from me? i’ve given u everything that i can. all this years i kept u away from the bad things n keep u close when gd times comes.. maybe i’ve just realised that maybe our relationship isn’t bout us, but u, u and u.. it’s always bout u.. but if this is what u want den so be it.. let’s break up.”

well, if you’re thinking whether we really did broke up, no, you’ve guessed wrong. but i dare say, we almost did. if i had replied “yes” or anything positive (tho the effect is negative), i might be well, single at the moment.

true, like what iyliee said, it sure ain’t easy to let go of a 3 year relationship. thought yeah, at times, we do need space and time out from each other. but it’s hard la. especially when you are so used to hearing from the other person every few minutes or so. and frankly, i can’t even survived 1 hour without contacting him. nevermind whether he did reply my msg or answer my call.

so yeah, i’m glad we talked things through and reached to a mutual understanding about each other.

i just pray in silence that someday, things will finally change……………

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me and them.

April 5, 2007 at 2:31 am (Uncategorized)

here i am, at work. i reached here quite early. kudos to my daddy who send me to work before he and mommy make their way to service Gen-2. she was making some sounds la, coming from nowhere and it pissed my daddy lotsa times. so off to the service she went! i hoped that she will be back by tonight cos i told mommy about the pasar-malam @ Admiralty this morning, telling her that they have dresses and stuffz that i wish to looked at. and probably bought one or two. so, yeah we might be dropping there tomorrow since it is a public holiday. but since, i got relief teaching tomorrow, maybe we’ll make our way there in the afternoon.

anyway, whilst in the car, i realised that my relationship with both my parents are improving. it’s been a veryyyyyy loooooong while since the last time mommy shouted at me or daddy pissed at me. haha! i felt like i’m growing up. and can’t be bothered for the small things that makes an argument happen.

my sister-hood with the cousins are fairly well, what with work and school being in the way. hopefully, we will meet up someday. and i still need to purchase BORDERS voucher for my gal!! it’s way way WAY OVER-DUE!!!!!!! soon k, love.. soon, we BOTH drop there and exchange the vouchers in front of the cashier’s very eyes… hahahahaha!!!

kk, i got 4 minutes before i need to go to K2.

my camaraderie with my besties (read : Shida & Wani) have gone downhill a bit. what with, dates postponed to a later date. but it’s still not confirmed tho! haisssshhhh…. hopefully, this june hols, i will have time to go out with shida & wani, d-na and g.reen my childhood buddies and my lovely cousins.. oh! and of course, the bf. (as if that was on another thought!) haha!

kk 1 minute more.

my bond with the bf are very much blissful at the moment. we did have an argument several nights ago. but i guess i worry too much about him going out what with him being sick and all. in the end, i did let him go. but well, he still was sick after he reached camp. got much worse, in fact!! oh wells.. we have been spending quality time together, cathing up on our talking moments. and life’s good.

oh shit! 1031 am.. bye!!!!

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the fly that went in.

April 5, 2007 at 2:19 am (Uncategorized)

” i was in this non-air conditioned bus.. you know, the one where the factory people always take on their ride home.. well, there was this very beautiful lady next to me and she was wearing this mini-skirt.. very short skirt.. then suddenly, a fly flew into her skirt la!!! she started screaming and screaming and they all looked at me, as if i had molested her or something!! even an auntie scolded me.. but thank god, the lady calm the woman down and said a fly got into her skirt. in the end, on the next stop, i alight tho i haven’t reached my stop yet..haiyahhh…”

a funny public transport experience from a 98.7FM listener always brings a smile and some laughter added to my day.. especially after a very bad dream i had.. haissshhhh…..

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random nothings.

April 4, 2007 at 2:19 pm (Uncategorized)

i love firdaus bin mohamed.

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is it?

April 4, 2007 at 2:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Whether anot it’s true, it’s up to you to decide.. wakakaka!!

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gallivanting @ work.. not!

March 23, 2007 at 5:06 am (Uncategorized)

i’m at work now. just had my lunch. and it was spicy so i think i’m headed to the UNISEX toilet soon. haha! it’s called UNISEX cos some people just don’t seem to understand that they are restricted from using it and it’s considered outrage modesty. haiz.. so i take it as, when you’ve got to go, you got to go..

i was being a very sweet girlfriend just now. hee! i sms-ed my bestie and told her that i missed missed her alot alot! and i dreamt of her. it was scary. cos it was the first for her. if i dreamt about another bestie of mine, it would be the 2nd but for this pretty girlfriend who shared the same “father” with me, it was certainly the first.

i dreamt that i was in my room, and she was in the field across it. i came to the window and she waved at me and shouted, “BILER MAU JUMPE??”. haahaa!! in reply to that, i faded back into the room after waving back to her. haahaa!! damn! i miss that bi***. haahaa!! diana, you’re at work for God’s sake and the khutbah is being held.. haahaa!! okay…

i don’t know why i’m being very hyper today. maybe it’s because dearie called me “sayang” after not calling me that for so long.. we have alot alot of affectionate names.. hubby,hunny.. abg,ayg.. dearie,dearest.. sweetheart, sweetie.. darling,dear.. the latest is abi, umi… or was it tweegie for me and i-don’t-know-what for him..??? haahaa! i love that fella la to pieces!! and it saddens me to know that he’s unwell at the moment. down with diarrhoea and cough.

but he’ll pull through for sure. he’s stronger than me. he has to be. or else, i have to go find another guy. *evil smile*

okay.. i think the nasi sambal goreng is kicking in. i’m having headache.

oh! this is so random, but i like it when the principal’s not around. i can use her pc so freely. haahaa!!! but, i miss her la! come back after you’ve given birth, kak s’zilla!!! i miss your laughter..~

and yes, i’ll fine tune the proposals and update the noticeboards. both noticeboards, in fact by this saturday. and yes, i will zapped the guide books. in fact, i’m left with 1 book and a half. so there! come back kay.. but not anytime soon la. but do come back. kk.. i’m going..

till the next entry, take care everyone.. and enjoy your day. even when it means a rotten day all morning and afternoon, try to make the night a better one.. tell your loved ones you truly love them. it will definitely put a smile on your face before you closed your eyes.

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